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Solaris LED Mask

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An easy to way to get professional results at home, this FDA-cleared Red, Blue & Amber LED light therapy mask by Solaris Laboratories NY uses NASA technology clinically demonstrated to smooth fine lines, kill acne-causing bacteria, and promote healthy glowing skin. 

  • Red LED light therapy Anti-Aging: 620-750 nm is for antiaging & wrinkle reduction by stimulating fibroblast cells to produce and secrete collagen. Red light treatment will plump the skin and help smooth out fine lines. 
  • Blue LED light therapy Anti-Acne: 420-495nm prevents and treats mild to moderate acne by killing acne-causing bacteria. Blue light therapy has also clinically shown to control sebum/oil production.
  • Amber LED light therapy Anti-Redness: 590-620nm is a calming and rejuvenating wavelength. It is excellent for sensitive skin and is able to reduce any superficial issues such as redness (rosacea), inflammation, and reduce the appearance of tiny blood vessels around the nose and face. Amber light also boots lymphatic drainage and helps the skin achieve a natural healthy glow.
  • Green LED light therapy Anti-Dsicoloration: 470-570nm works on skin pigmentation. Green LED light also has demonstrated it helps reduce sun spots, age spots, sun damage, brown or reddish spots related to pigmentation. Treatment of green LED light has been shown to help calm irritation and lighten the skin with pigmentation-related issues.


  •  After charging the LED face shield for at least 3 hours, the mask can be used on cleansed skin. Do not use any serums or sheet masks.
  •  To turn on hold power button down for 3 seconds
  •  To switch between blue red and amber, touch/tap the power button
  •  Use 15 minutes per day 3-5 days per week
  •  To clean the mask, gently wipe down with a dry cloth
  •  Extra safety goggles are included and can be used at your discretion