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Solaris 7 pc Cupping Therapy Set for Face & Body

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This Silicone Cupping Therapy Kit is one of the best-kept secrets of ancient alternative medicine that promotes health and wellness for your face and body.

Though simple in design, the distinct difference between our set and any other product lies behind the mechanism of action: a negative pressure that will decompress the skin.

Face Benefits:

Anti aging (collagen production), reduce fine lines and wrinkles, cleanse/tighten pores, firm lift and tone skin, plump lips, de puff eye bags, soften frown lines and crows feet, smooth and moisturize skin, promote rejuvenation and skin glow, reduce allergy symptoms, enhance skin receptiveness to other skin care products.  

Body Benefits:

Detox, reduce cellulite, pain management, enhance athletic performance professionally or in the gym, post workout cramps, relax, tone/firm muscles on arms legs buttocks and stomach, reduce headache/migraines, reduce appearance of stretch marks and spider veins, boost immune system, back pain, colon massage for IBS, fibromyalgia, cold and allergies, drain stagnant body fluids. Benefits when combined with your beauty routine, acupuncture, after yoga or a fitness workout

Skin Type: 

Normal, Acne Prone, Mature Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.

Apply an enriching face or body oil. Place the larger cup on the face or body and squeeze to create suction. Release and glide in an outward direction as indicated inside the package. Switch to the smaller cup and use the same technique around the eyes and lips. Perform for 3-10 minutes a day.

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